Cand spui Dino Merlin, te gandesti automat la un om cu o cariera de succes in spate, care in timp a demonstrat ca talentul adevarat poate sa dainuie in pofida muzicii comerciale nou aparute.
Dino Merlin este un om sensibill, cald, calm, cu o voce ce reuseste sa iti intre in suflet, cu un stil muzical ce surprinde accente grave bosniace si care se pregateste sa infrunte momentul numit Eurovision 2011, ca reprezentant al Bosniei Hertegovina, cu piesa “Love in rewind.
Iata ce ne-a declarat minunea de artist:

1. You come from a country with a great tradition in music. Which is the most important lesson teached and received throughout all the years of your musical career?

I am privileged to come from a country which has a great tradition in music, as you have stated in your question. Of course, I am a link in that chain, too. The most important lesson I have learned throughout my career is that talent alone – even if you have it – is not enough. Or, to illustrate that thought: if you think of talent as being the head, then hard work is equal to the shoulders that will keep your head straight. And there is a saying that the English dictionary is the only place where “success” comes before “work”. Basically, I can say that hard work is what determines all success.

2. “Love in rewind” could easily be called a metaphor for what you have lived and experienced among the years?

That’s absolutely true. As in the case of all my other songs, while writing “Love In Rewind”, I was inspired by life itself. I am essentially a songwriter who writes songs for a living and all my songs talk about particular events or periods of my life and the lives of others around me. Currently I am in my middle age which is a time when people usually tend to make a kind of inventory of their life. And so, Love In Rewind is a universal story about people, who at some point in their lives stop, make a break and zoom in on their lives to distinguish the important things from the unimportant ones. When they have done that, they naturally choose the greatest moments in their life and then push the rewind button to play them again. That’s what keeps them alive. And it’s the same with me.

3. What is your greater expectation for this year’s Eurovision?

Well, the reactions have exceeded my expectations and I am optimistic. But after all, I am a songwriter who lives for his songs and so, by default, I am always subjective. For someone who writes his own songs, it is also true that the score is almost insignificant compared to the excitement of experiencing the making of a new song. Because – making a song is really the greatest victory of all.
As for the show, it will not be much different than what we have already shown. Of course, we are working very hard to improve the overall performance and I can say that the show will be upgraded in comparison to what you have seen.

4. In a recent interview, you share as a message to have a life without Facebook in rewind. What is your true opinion about the socialization sites, and the spread that they have nowadays?

You know, I was born in 1962 and one of the benefits of my generation is that we are just on the crossroads between the analogue and the digital world. One of my most popular songs is called “Through The Middle” (Sredinom) and, I personally always strive for a balanced life, including a balance between the analogue and the digital world. Because, if you exaggerate in any of the two, you won’t be happy.
I personally use the Internet and a great deal of the available digital technologies in my daily routine and I am very conscious about the value, benefits and the huge impact of social networks. But at the same time I also strongly advocate a proper and informed use of the possibilities that we have nowadays, including, Facebook as the biggest social network currently out there. Because, despite their many benefits, social networks are also redefining our views on privacy, identity and personal relationships and on the other hand, we mustn’t forget how to communicate face to face, to sit next to each other and talk…So, I would like to warn against the abuse of Facebook and other social networks and it was in this sense that I was referring to “life without Facebook in rewind”. But, in this hectic period of preparations for Eurosong, I can rephrase it and say: Life without stress in rewind!

5. What is your opinion about the Romanian musical culture? Share a message for your fans and your Romanian admirers!

Your country is really a multicultural environment, which of course contributes to the development of any field of art, including music. You may find this hard to believe but, when I was young, I played the contrabass and I used to play a lot of Romanian music, which was very popular among my group of friends in that time. We had a band – clarinet, contrabass, accordion and piano and, among other pieces that we used to practice, my personal favorite was “(Hora martisorului)”. So, I have firsthand experience of Romanian music – I appreciate the Romanian people and your musical culture since my early ages. Your country has a significant and rich tradition in music and my message is that you should preserve its core values since, after all, the history of its people is found in its songs.

Iata si traducerea in romana a interviului:

1. Provii dintr-o tara cu o mare traditie in muzica. Care este cea mai importanta lectie pe care ai primit-o in decursul anilor carierei tale muzicale?

Ma simt privilegiat sa vin dintr-o tara cu o asemenea traditie in muzica, asa cum ai mentionat. Fireste sunt doar o veriga in acest lant. Cea mai importanta lectie pe care am invatat-o in cursul carierei mele a fost ca talentul singur – chiar daca il ai – nu este indeajuns. Sau, sa ilustrez mai bine aceasta idee, daca te gandesti la talent ca fiind capul, atunci munca sustinuta este echivalentul umerilor pentru a-ti tine capul drept. Si este o zicala ca vocabularul englezesc este singurul loc unde cuvantul “succes” vine inaintea cuvantului “munca”. Pot spune ca munca sustinuta este ceea ce determina intreg succesul.

2. “Love in rewind” poate fi numita o metafora pentru ceea ce ai trait si ai experimentat in decursul anilor?

Este absolut adevarat. Ca in cazul pieselor mele precedente, pe cand scriam “Love in rewind”, am fost inspirat de viata insasi. Sunt un compozitor care scrie din viata si toate piesele mele vorbesc despre evenimente sau perioade din viata mea sau din viata celor din jurul meu. In prezent sunt la varsta mijlocie, care este o perioada in care oamenii tind sa faca un fel de inventar al vietii lor. Si astfel, “Love in rewind”, este o poveste universala despre oamenii care, la un anumit moment al vietii lor, se opresc iau o pauza si isi privesc viata pentru a distinge lucrurile importante de celelalte. Cand au reusit asta, ei aleg in mod firesc cele mai frumoase momente ale vietii lor si apoi apasa butonul “derulare” pentru a le trai inca o data. Asta ii tine in viata. Si la fel se intampla si in cazul meu.

3. Care este asteptarea ta cea mai mare legat de Eurovisionul din acest an?

Ei bine, reactiile publicului mi-au depasit asteptarile si sunt optimist. Insa mai presus de toate, sunt un compozitor ce traieste pentru piesele sale si, ca urmare, sunt intotdeauna subiectiv. Pentru cineva ce scrie propriile piese, este la fel de adevarat ca rezultatul este insignifiant in comparatie cu emotia experimentarii creatiei unei noi piese. Pentru ca – crearea unei piese este cu adevarat cea mai mare victorie. Iar in privinta show-ului, nu va fi foarte diferit fata de ceea ce am aratat pana acum. Desigur, muncim din greu pentru a imbunatati intreaga prestatie scenica, si pot spune ca show-ul va fi modernizat fata de ce ati vazut.

4. Intr-un interviu ai lasat drept mesaj sa avem o viata fara Facebook in derulare. Care este opinia ta reala despre site-urile de socializare si despre raspandirea pe care o au astazi?

M-am nascut in 1962, si unul dintre beneficiile generatiei mele este ca suntem la rascruce intre lumea analoga si cea digitala. Una dintre cele mai populare piese ale mele se numeste “Through The Middle” (Sredinom)” si personal vorbind, mereu ma straduiesc sa am o viata echilibrata, incluzand un echilibru intre analog si digital. Pentru ca daca exagerezi cu oricare dintre ele, nu vei fi fericit. Folosesc Internetul si o mare parte din tehnologia disponibila in rutina mea zilnica si sunt foarte constient despre valoarea, beneficiile si impactul urias al retelelor sociale. Insa in acelasi timp, de asemenea, sustin o folosinta in mod rational si informational ale posibilitatilor pe care le avem astazi, inclusiv Facebook, ca cea mai mare retea sociala existenta. Pentru ca, in ciuda beneficiilor multiple, retelelor sociale de asemenea ne redefinesc viziunea asupra vietii private, intimitatii, identitatii si relatiilor personale si pe de alta parte nu trebuie sa uitam sa comunicam fata in fata.
Asa ca as dori sa emit un avertisment legat de abuzul Facebook-ului si al altor retele sociale si in acest sens m-am referit la viata fara “facebook in derulare”. Insa in timpul perioadei pregatirilor pentru Eurovision, pot sa rectific si sa spun “viata fara stres in derulare’!

5. Care este parerea ta despre cultura muzicala romaneasca? Lasa un mesaj pentru toti fanii tai din Romania!

Tara voastra este un mediu cultural, care desigur contribuie la dezvoltarea oricarui camp al artei, inclusiv muzica. Cand eram tanar, am cantat la contrabas si obisnuiam sa interpretez destul de multe piese romanesti, care erau foarte populare in randul cercului meu de prieteni pe atunci. Am avut o trupa – clarinet, acordeon, contrabas si pian si printre celelalte piese ce ne placea sa le cantam, preferata mea era “Hora martisorului”. Asa ca mai intai am experimentat muzica romaneasca – apreciez poporul roman si cultura voastra muzicala inca din adolescenta. Tara voastra are o traditie importanta si bogata in muzica si mesajul meu este sa pastrati valorile de baza, pentru ca, pana la urma, istoria unui popor se reflecta in piesele sale.

Am reusit sa ii luam lui Dino si un video interviu, in exclusivitate pentru Star Gossip, cu ocazia concertului Dusseldorf venim, de sustinere a reprezentantilor nostri la Eurovision, trupa Hotel Fm.

We thank you a lot, Dino, and we wish you all the best in this year’s Eurovision! May the message of “Love in rewind” get to the souls of every listener!

Dino Merlin si piesa “Love in rewind” vor deschide cea de-a doua semifinala a Eurovisionului de la Dusseldorf, pe data de 1 mai.

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