Editia din acest an a Festivalului “George Grigoriu” Braila nu duce lipsa de voci bune, dar nici de prezente foarte atragatoare.
Portughezul Ruy Andrade, care te topeste doar dintr-o singura privire, grecul Andreas Athansiou, timidul copil frumos, si italianul sexy Gino Scannapieco, artistul care se bucura de viata in tot ceea ce face sunt, asa cum i-am numit noi, “cei trei crai” ai festivalului din acest an. Nu ar fi rau daca un nou boyband s-ar naste, dupa acest festival 🙂
Nu am ratat ocazia de a le cunoaste mai in detaliu vietile, aspiratiile si planurile, de aceea va oferim in exclusivitate un interviu “HOT”!

This year’s edition of the festival “George Grigoriu” Braila does not lack of good voices, but neither of charming appearances.
The portuguese Ruy Andrade, who smites you with one single look, Greek Andreas Athanasiou – the beautiful shy teenage, and sexy Italian Gino Scannapieco – the artist who enjoys life in everything he does, are, as how we called them, “the three Don Juans” of this year’s festival. It wouldn’t be bad if a new boyband would born after this festival 🙂
We could not miss the chance of knowing in detail their lifes, aims and plans, so we offer you exclusively an interview “HOT”!

How did you discover the passion for music and what does music mean to you?

Andreas Athanasiou: It was ten yeas ago, when I was 10 years old. I have been to the Eurovision Song Contest 2003 as a spectator, and I really loved it. I always wanted to go on stage, perform and make the audience go “crazy”. I was always singing when I was a kid, but I never thought that I would want to do it, as a job.

Rui Andrade: The passion for music and for going on stage started for me since I was eight years old. Since then till 18 I have been to all the contests in Portugal with my parents. I also met the important artists and producers from my country who wanted to work with me. That’s how I started to make musicals, and soap operas in Portugal. Music for me is my day, is all.

Gino Scannapieco: I have discovered music in my childhood. My father saw my potential and gave me the idea of studying canto. In Napoli we live the music day by day, everything that we make is with music, music is in our blood

Rui Andrade: I found out that you took part in Eurovision Song Contest for your country. Which do you think is the importance that this contest has for an artist?

For me is my childhood dream and I know that I will sing on that stage one day. I tried for Portugal two times, in 2011 and 2012. I will try one more time here and if I do not win and have my tickets for Eurovision, I will try for other country. Eurovision is the most important European show, with many, many viewers and it’s very important to me that this huge audience know my songs and my voice.

What was unique in your performance in our festival?

Andreas Athanasiou: I think the stress was unique. But I feel so happy when I am on stage and I can sing and share all this happiness to the audience.

Rui Andrade: The Portuguese song is my song and I feel every word of it. And I am very glad if the audience understood my message. The Romanian song “Ia-ti mireasa ziua buna” by Mihai Constantinescu, is the first time when I heard it and I liked it. My soul concern were the lyrics in Romanian and to make them sound as in Romanian. I was very happy about what people said about my performance in Romanian.

Gino Scannapieco: Weirdly, but what I liked the most was the song in Romanian. Because it was a language new for me, which I did good. “Adagio” I could have sung better, technically speaking. I did not hear myself well, so I forced my voice and I got exhausted in the end.

What are your plans after this festival?

Andreas Athanasiou: Surely I will go to more festivals and gain my experience as an artist, because here, in Romania, it was my first stage experience. Definitely gain more musical knowledge and know myself better on stage also. Although I have been singing and wanting this for so long, this was my first appearance.

Rui Andrade: When I return to Lisabon, I will take part to other great musical contests,. Apart from this, I have many things that I want to do: Eurovision is one, then I want to share my message in many parts of Europe so that people know me, know my artistic image and my music.

Gino Scannapieco: I want to continue what I have started to build with the musical festivals. I like very much this part of Europe and I would like to work here.

Tell us a bit about how well known are you in your country?

Andreas Athanasiou: In Greece I have done several small concerts with few people, but, you know, I have a huge fan base, which is my family and my friends. I am searching now for composers of my debut single in Greece, and hopefully we will release it in many European countries, and in Romania, of course.

Rui Andrade: In my country at the moment I am actor in soap operas, movies and other TV programmes about music and dancing. I also act in theaters, in musicals. Until now I have not released any albums, and this is one of my biggest objectives. I am not a superstar in Portugal, but the people know me, which is good

Gino Scannapieco: I am not so famous in Italy. The people started to know me within the X factor period.

How can you define fame?

Andreas Athanasiou: I know that many people consider it as something special, but to me is not so important. The only thing I would like fame is just because more people know me, know what I do and like it. To show my work to a big audience.

Rui Andrade: The fame is the result of the people liking or not what you do. For me it’s more important that the people know me, hear me, see me on stage and like me.

Gino Scannapieco: My goal is to get to the people’s souls and minds. If I manage to do this, is ok.

Gino Scannapieco: You took part in X factor Italia. How important is this contest for an artist?

It’s important because it offers you some kind of visibility, national and international, because the Italian music is listened also in Romania.

Rui Andrade: You played in a lot of soap operas in your country. Share us some impressions of the Portuguese world of soap operas. How do you feel being liked by so many women? How can you define art in a soap opera?

It’s normal that the people see something or someone on TV and have idols. My fans are my friends. I go and talk to them, but still I have a private life. In Portugal I did “Murangos com acucar” series 7, and “Doce tentacao”. The industry of soap operas here has risen, and they include also dancing, singing actors and moments, like for example what I did in “Murangoc com acucar”. Soap operas are a large industry in Portugal and it’s good because people see it daily and talk about your job, what they like, what you have to improve.

What do you think Braila and what did you like most here?

Andreas Athanasiou: When I came here I did not know what to expect, although many of my friends have been to Romania before. When I came here I could see the beautiful architecture, the streets, so mugh light, so many open spaces. It is a quiet, but yet interesting place to come, and I am definitely coming back here.

Rui Andrade: I liked the Danube river, it’s very charming. I liked so much staying here because people are very welcoming. I never stayed here in Romania, but Braila is very unique.

Gino Scannapieco: It’s nice, but unfortunately I could not see the Danube. The people are nice, are very welcoming. I did not expect that the Romanian people could be so nice.

What do you think about the Romanian music and artists that have go to your country?

Andreas Athanasiou: We have many Romanian influences in Greece, like Inna, Alexandra Stan, more like dance music, whch is very popular in Greece and people listen to it all the time. I think that Romania has a great culture and a great music, even the voices in festival here. Romania has a big musical knowledge and they are very good.

Rui Andrade: I remember the entries of Romania in Eurovision and I have my personal opinions about them. I also have a dancer who works with me in the grand theater of Lisabon, her name is Olimpia. I also have one or two more Romanian friends, very nice people. I love Luminita Anghel and Paula Seling, as I remember they are two voices that I really like.

Gino Scannapieco: I want to talk about the artists from this year’s George Grigoriu festival and say that Ion Badulescu is popular in Italy, because he sang in Io canto with AlBano, our great artist. Except from this, I really like Paula Seling.

At last, share a message for all our readers!

Andreas Athanasiou: I want to tell them just: hunt and follow your dreams. You have to fight for your passion, believe in chance and go for it, and you will be very happy in the end.

Rui Andrade: First thanks for all the support that I had here, and for all the moments here. Live the music, take support for the artists and go for the Romanian music!

Gino Scannapieco: I want to give an warmful greeting to Braila and I hope that I will win this festival, because it will serve as a vocal demonstration for all!

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