Faydee este, la ora actuala, unul dintre cei mai apreciati artisti internationali ai momentului. Cu noul sau hit. “Lullaby“, frumuselul originar din Australia ( si dorit de multe fete, am putea spune), a reusit sa confirme inca o data ca este un nume de succes in industria muzicala internationala. De curand a sustinut un concert in Piata Constitutiei din Bucuresti, la care au participat zeci de persoane ce au venit sa il vada, sa il asculte si sa il aplaude pe Faydee.

Ne-am intalnit cu Faydee dupa acest concert pentru un nou interviu in exclusivitate marca Star Gossip Magazine si iata ce a iesit:

Care este primul cantec de care iti amintesti sa il fi ascultat?

Nu imi aduc aminte exact care era melodia, dar se asculta foarte multa muzica arabeasca in jurul casei unde am crescut.

Ce muzica asculti in ultima perioada?

Ascult foarte multa muzica veche. Sunt “obsedat” de melodia Miseducation a lui Lauryn Hill.

Care sunt melodiile tale de care esti cel mai mandru? De ce?

Nu pot sa aleg una! Dar sunt foarte mandru de cea mai noua melodie si de cel mai nou videoclip al meu “Lullaby”, este exact cum mi-am dorit sa sune si sa arate. Totul este pregatit pentru vara!

Lumea are impresia ca in Australia este o petrecere continua. Asa e?!

Haha! Australienii lucreaza foarte mult in realitate, dar cand este vorba de petrecere, da, petrecem mult!

Este greu sa pastrezi relatiile cu prietenii tai cand esti mereu pe drumuri?

Este greu sa ramai in contact atat de des, dar prietenii mei adevarati sunt mereu acolo si vorbim cat de des putem.

In afara de oamenii langa care esti acum, daca ai putea sa ai langa tine orice muzician, cine ar face parte din formatia ta de vis?

Ellie Goulding, Dj Snake & Stromae.

Ce parere ai despre cenzura?

Cand vine vorba de muzica, nu cred ca ar trebui sa existe cenzura. Lasa muzica sa vorbeasca de la sine.

Tu te cenzurezi? Ai scris vreodata ceva ca apoi sa decizi ca este prea dur?

Am avut astfel de momente. Imi place sa folosesc doar un singur tip de comunicare cand simt ca este necesar. Chiar daca este vorba doar despre sentimentele pe care le ai cand inregistrezi o piesa. Chiar daca este ciudat, nu imi cenzurez mesajul.

Ce planuri de viitor ai?

Un EP, a trecut destul de mult timp si este momentul. Lucrez de asemenea la cateva produse minunate pentru Armata Faydee. Fiti cu ochii pe colaborarile exceptionale care vor urma 😉

Ce sfat personal ai da cuiva care ar vrea sa urmeze aceasta cariera?

Nu este usor, este mult de munca, dar daca este ceva ce iti place sa faci, atunci fa-o si nu te uita inapoi! Este adevarata vorba ca daca te ambitionezi sa faci ceva si muncesti din greu pentru acel lucru, atunci cu siguranta il vei obtine.

Daca ar fi sa o iei de la capat din nou, ai alege tot aceasta cariera? Ai face altceva diferit?

Nu imi pot imagina sa fac altceva. Sunt foarte norocos sa fac exact ceea ce imi place. A presupus multa munca si sacrificii, dar am fost recompensat foarte mult. Daca ar trebui sa fac ceva diferit, as incerca sa invat mai mult despre industrie la inceput, inainte sa iau anumite decizii.

Care este importanta relatiilor pe care ti le faci? Cum te poti folosi de ele?

Este foarte important ca de fiecare data sa fii deschis cu oamenii pe care ii intalnesti. Pentru ca niciodata nu stii ce oportunitate te asteapta.

Cand ai inceput sa scrii muzica – ce sau cine au fost pasiunile si influentele tale initiale?

Am inceput sa scriu de cand aveam 13 ani. Am remixat 40 de melodii de top, cu versurile si melodiile mele. Cativa din artistii care m-au influentat au fost: Michael Jackson, Massari, Enrique Iglesias & Brandy

Noul tau single “Lullaby” are o poveste reala in spate?

Am scris Lullaby cand eram in turneu si chiar imi era dor de cineva. Am scris-o in doua zile, dar am pastrat-o pentru mine pentru mult timp pentru ca vroiam sa lansez aceasta melodie la momentul potrivit.

De ce ai nevoie sa asculti o melodie ca Lullaby?

Nu ai nevoie de nimic special. Daca vrei sa asculti o muzica buna intr-o zi frumoasa de vara, atunci iti sugerez sa ii dai play 😉

Ce este special la Lullaby?

Cred ca este o melodie foarte romantica si ne aduce aminte cat de minunat este sa fii indragostit.

Unde ai filmat videoclipul si cat a durat pana a fost gata?

Am filmat videoclipul in Bodrun, Turcia. A durat 2 zile, iar eu si managerul meu Ronnie Diamond, l-am finalizat foarte repede, pentru ca vroiam sa il lansam la timp pentru sezonul estival!

Cum iti vin ideile pentru videoclipuri?

De obicei, impreuna cu prietenul si managerul meu Ronnie,venim cu o idee, iar apoi vorbim despre locatii, concept etc. Cu fiecare videoclip incercam sa integram cat se poate de mult sentimentul melodiei. Eu nu sunt pentru videoclipurile cu booty shaking, asta trebuie sa se stie! Uitandu-te la videoclipurile mele, intri in lumea Faydee si este ceva special. Sper ca lumea sa se bucure de ele pentru o lunga perioada de timp!

In continuare un scurt material video, EXCLUSIV “Behind the scene” de la filmarile clipului ‘Lullaby”




What’s the first song you ever remember hearing?

I can’t remember the exact song, but it was a lot of arabic music around the house growing up.

What are you listening to lately?

Ive been listening to a lot of older stuff. obsessed with Lauryn Hills, Miseducation of Lauryn Hill album!

What song of yours are you most proud of? Why?

I can’t choose just one! But I’m really proud of my latest song and video “Lullaby”, it’s everything I wanted it to sound and look like! Everything envisioned for the summer!

People have the image that it’s non-stop partying out there. Is it true? In Australia?

haha Australians actually work really hard, but when its time to party, yep, we go hard!

Is it hard to maintain the relationships with your friends when you’re out on the road?

It’s hard to keep in touch as often, but my real friends are always there and we talk as much as we can!

Other than the people you’re with now, if you could get any Musician, living or dead, who would be in your “dream band?”

Ellie Goulding, Dj Snake &Stromae.

How do you feel about censorship?

When it comes to music, i don’t agree there should be any. Let the music speak for itself!

Do you censor yourself? Have you ever written anything and then decided it was too harsh?

I’ve had those times, I really only like to use certain language when I feel it’s necessary. Even if its just for the feeling of the record. If it feels corny, I won’t censor.

What’s next for you?

An EP, Its been too long and its about that time. I also I’m working on some great merchandise coming out for my Faydee Army! Keep a look out for some awesome collaborations coming up too 😉

What personal advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue this career?

It’s not easy, it’s hard work, but if its something you love to do, then do it and don’t look back! It’s true what they say, If you put your mind towards something and you work hard you will achieve it.

If you had to do it all over again, would you still choose this career? Would you do anything differently?

I cant imagine doing anything else. I’m very fotunate to be doing what I love. It’s taken a lot of work and sacrifice, but it has paid off so much. If I had to do anything differently, I would try to learn more about the industry when I started before jumping into decisions.

What is the importance of the connections you make? How can you utilize them?

It’s so important, to always be open to the people you meet. Because you never know when there’s an opportunity waiting to be handed to you.

When did you start writing about music—and what or who were your early passions and influences?

I started writing when I was 13 years old. I remixed top 40 songs, with my own lyrics and melodies. Some of my influences were Michael Jackson, Massari, Enrique Iglesias & Brandy.

Why did you write or decide to play Lullaby? Is there any reason of story behind?

I wrote Lullaby when I was on tour, and I really was missing someone. I wrote it in 2 days and it stuck with me for a long time and knew I wanted to release this song at the right time.

What does it take to play a song like Lullaby?

It doesn’t take much, If you want to hear good music on a nice summer day, i suggest you play it 😉

What is special about Lullaby?

I think its such a romantic song, and reminds of how amazing it can be to be in love.

Where did you shot the music video, how long it took before it was a wrap? 

We shot the video in Bodrum, Turkey. It was a 2 day shoot and my manager Ronnie Diamond and I wrapped it up very quickly actually to get it out there in time for the summer!

How do you come up with the ideas for your music videos?

I usually come up with an idea with my friend and manager Ronnie and we talk locations, concepts etc. With every video, we try to capture the feeling of the song as much as possible. I’m not into the booty shaking videos, there has to be heart! Watching my videos is entering the Faydee world, and its something special that I hope people will continue to enjoy for a long time.

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