With a single song, beautiful Arilena Ara, originar from Albania, has conquered a whole Europe. “Nentori” is listened in clubs, on the beach, at the summer parties, or on your favorite playlist. Arilena is familiar with music from an early age and now she has become one of the breakthrough European artist.
Star Gossip Magazine has taken Arilena Ara an exclusive interview for all our readers and her fans. ENJOY!

Cu o singura piesa, frumoasa Arilena Ara, originara din Albania,a cucerit o intreaga Europa. “Nentori” se asculta in cluburi, pe plaja, la petrecerile de vara sau in playlisturile voastre preferate. Arilena este familiara cu muzica de la o varsta timpurie si acum a devenit unul din cele mai de succes artiste din Europa.
Star Gossip Magazine a realizat un interviu in exclusivitate cu Arilena Ara pentru toti cititorii nostri si fanii artistei. ENJOY!

Hello, Arilena and welcome to Star Gossip Magazine Romania! First of all, tell us which was your impression when you found out that your song “Nentori” has had such a big success in our country?

It’s been a beautiful surprise for me. Me and my team worked really hard on this project and we knew that it was going to be loved by the audience but I never thought that it was going to be an international hit in many countries.

What is the story and the message of the song?

First of all it’s not my personal story,but believe me everyone find a piece of themselves in those words. This story talks about one girl and a boy who were madly and deeply in love,but the boy all of the sudden broke the girls heart,and all that seems to happen in November.

What were your first thoughts when you saw that the remix of the song is known a bit more than the original version?

Actually “Nentori” became a hit at first sight. The success of the two versions give me the same satisfaction. For the moment the remix is more popular because we’re on June and not in November anymore, so people love to dance. It’s summer!!!

How did you feel concerting for Romania? What did you like the most in our country?

It felt like home! People are very friendly , and while I was there i realized we have very similar traditions. I had a chance to see the city and I loved it, the streets, the antique buildings and their history. The most important you guys know how to party!

What do you think about the Romanian audience and music?

As I said before you know how to enjoy life and to have fun .Honestly I think that you have a national and international high level music.

Who is Arilena Ara, the woman and the artist, in a few words?

I have a secret!
I’m always me,and I try to give the best of that at the right moment and in the right time! Everything around me is all about vibes. Good vibes for sure guarantee some great times and memories!

If it was not for music, what would you have chosen for your life?

Definitely a business woman,because I’m a very talkative person and I’ve got skills too.

We know that your success started once with X Factor Albania. Do you think that contests of this type are a real chance for a start-up and promotion of an artist? If it was for now, would you have liked to repeat this experience?

I think that the competitions like “X Factor” are a very good chance for the young talented artists. You get the chance to be famous in 24hr. But the real challenge is when you finish the competition, that’s why the most of the talents fail because music business is harsh, hard and when you confront with it you may lose the battle without starting it.

What do you like to do in your spare time, apart from music?

I spend my free time hanging out with my friends. I love reading books, watching movies, always working out and ofcourse listening some good music. I am a very classic person and at the same time super energetic.

What comes next for you?

A lot of surprises!
I’m working with my team on some new projects. And the great news here is that we’re going to release a few songs this summer.

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